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Recognizing Outstanding Dedication

On this page, the BCC recognizes members who have made extraordinary contributions to furthering the goals of the organization

Recognizing Volunteers

The Breastfeeding Committee for Canada recognizes individual members who have gone “above and beyond” to further the goals of the organization.

Since 1996 the BCC has provided leadership in the implementation of the Baby-Friendly Initiative in Canada, working with interested individuals and groups to improve health outcomes for all families. This work has been done for the main part by dedicated volunteers.

As a BCC member you are invited to nominate individual members for this recognition which will be updated annually and housed on the BCC website.

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Please contact Kathy O’Grady if you have any questions kathy.venter@gmail.com

Current Nominees

Marina Green

Marina’s volunteerism with the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada spans several decades. She has assumed various leadership positions including BCC Board Co-Chair, Assessment Committee Co-Chair, and BCC Secretary. Marina has extensive knowledge as a Baby-Friendly Lead Assessor and is a masterful writer. Over the past five years Marina has provided guidance and support to the National BFI Project Co-Directors. Marina brings wisdom and constructive feedback, and always with the intention to advance BFI. She is a mentor and an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you, Marina, for all that you have contributed to improve the health outcomes of mothers and babies in Canada.


Marina has provided exceptional service to the BCC, as a Board member, Board Secretary, Assessment Committee member and as a lead assessor. She was the lead author for the Canadian Maternity and Newborn Care Guidelines, Chapter 6, Breastfeeding, ensuring that the BFI framework and best practices will guide care across Canada. Marina is an excellent scientist clinician, and has brought this rigorous lens to her BCC and national work. Her strong ethics and wry sense of humor have touched us all and held us to a high standard. Thank you, Marina.


Marina is a pioneer of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative in Canada. Marina co-authored the “BC Baby-Friendly Binder” in the early days – these were the seeds of the first assessment tools and the standards of practice. Marina was one of the first BFI assessors in Canada and has taken on many roles including BCC board of directors chair person, assessment committee chair and has mentored and educated many assessors and candidates. Marina was the lead author for Family-Centred Maternity And Newborn Care: National Guidelines “Chapter 6” and she continues to bring her research and policy perspectives to all the work of the BCC including oversight of the Baby-Friendly Initiative QI Collaborative Project.


Marina has devoted many years to the BCC in various capacities. This includes Board positions and committee membership on the Assessment Committee. She has worked with team members to develop key documents to support and promote breastfeeding in Canada and provincially . She is a valuable member with a depth of knowledge that encourages and supports new members to learn and grow. I believe she strives to accomplish the goals of the BCC.

Marina has been the firm and logical voice of science and protocol ever since I have been involved with the BCC – over 20 years. She has always been passionate about our work and I highly value her friendship and mentoring. Thankyou Marina for your energy and vision.

Lea Geiger

Lea is a longtime member of the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada, past member of the board and past Chair of the Provincial Territorial BFI Implementation Committee. Lea has played a key role in the advancement of the Baby-Friendly Initiative in her home province of British Columbia and all across Canada, lending her extensive expertise in perinatal health to the development of countless resource and tools to support the highest quality of care for families. 

Lea is a strong proponent of the value of cross-national collaboration and serves as a mentor for many health professionals working in the field across the country. With her leadership and compassion, Lea has certainly gone “above and beyond” to further the goals and objectives of the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada and to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in Canada. Lea’s work continues to advance us all toward the vision that Canadian children are breastfed.

Linda Romphf

Linda is retiring this year (2024) after the last 45 years working as a La Leche League Canada Leader, a breastfeeding peer counsellor trainer, a research assistant, an international board certified lactation consultant, a Baby Friendly Manitoba consultant and a BFI Assessor.
Linda has served the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada on the Board of directors for many years in many different capacities and has encouraged and mentored people within the organization and as a great ambassador for the Baby-Friendly Initiative in Canada.
Thankyou for the fun memories – traipsing all over Manitoba working with wonderful communities implementing best practices, and learning from Traditional Elders in remote communities about the value of breastfeeding in Indigenous cultures.
You have left a great legacy Linda.

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Marianne Brophy

Marianne has been an active member of the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada since 1997, a WHO/UNICEF -trained BFHI Lead Assessor and Trainer, Marianne has mentored many assessors and BCC members to build the capacity of the organization.
Marianne is the epitome of “keep calm and carry on”, she brings people together and facilitates progress while building confidence in individuals . Thankyou Marianne.


Marianne has been committed to the work of the BCC almost from the first day she arrived in Canada. She has been Chair of the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada, Chair of the Assessment Committee, and a representative for Canada at the WHO-UNICEF Network for BFHI Coordinators in Industrialized Countries. Marianne helped to develop the first processes and tools used by the BCC for BFI designation. She has been a lead assessor for many years and has been instrumental in the education and mentoring of others to become ssessors and lead assessors. Marianne works tirelessly to develop capacity to protect, promote and support breastfeeding through the implementation of the Ten Steps. She is inspiring and inspires others to be their best and to embrace continuous quality improvement around breastfeeding. She has impacted my life and even today I recall and am guided by Marianne’s words of wisdom, enthusiasm and commitment as a volunteer.

Dawn Ridd

Dawn was an active participant on the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada Provincial Territorial committee and helped develop data collection standards for Manitoba and nationally.

As a Black Belt Lean Six Sigma lead, Dawn provided guidance to the BCC with a focus on improving efficiency within the organization and the assessment process which helped shaped the vision and impetus for the Strategic Plan 2017 and the BCC BFI Collaborative Project.

Dawn inspired, challenged and empowered me to reach higher and to push my limits. Thankyou Dawn.

Louise Dumas

Louise Has worked tirelessly to improve the provision of care for breastfeeding families in Canada and the world. Louise is a staunch advocate and never backs down or compromises the things she believes in. Your dedication is inspiring Louise.


Louise has been a member of the BCC for many years and has given huge amounts of time to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in Canada and abroad. Louise participated in the External Assessment of the first hospital in Canada to achieve BFI designation in 1999. She has sat on the BCC Board of Directors and Assessment Committee and has represented Canada internationally. Louise did alot of the time consuming ground work for the current BCC BFI Standards and her dedication was apparent at every meeting. Louise has a passion for research and is very knowledgeable about the research to support the Ten Steps. She is a true ambassador for BFI and bringing the WHO-UNICEF standards to the Canadian context.

Michelle LeDrew

During the time Michelle has been the Director of the BFI Collaborative she has worked hard to develop and advocate for BFI throughout Canada. This has been as per her role as Director, but also beyond that, collaborating with other individuals and organizations to ensure that the benefits of breastfeeding are published and understood. Additionally, Michelle has worked to support the BCC, supporting the Committee and Board of Directors with IT programs, advancing the skills of individual directors, seeking out grants and research opportunities. Many of these tasks are over and beyond Michelle’s paid role as project director.

Sally Loring

Sally is a leader in systems change and worked to support facilities to implement the BFI. Sally came on board with wholehearted optimism and positive, cheerful attitude towards the implementation of the BFI through quality improvement strategies. With dedication and expertise Sally continues to go above and beyond in her treasurer role to ensure the BCC is in good standing . Thankyou for your patience and guidance as you manage all of the business of the Coach Mentor program as well as the normal business of the BCC.

Janet Murphy Goodridge

Janet Murphy Goodrich is fondly remembered as an active member of the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada from its earliest days, committing hundreds of hours to building the organization and strengthening liaisons with individuals and other interest groups throughout Canada.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, Janet is acknowledged as a major driving force, mentor and leader in maternal and infant health. Her skill, knowledge, and kind diplomacy steered the province on a course of supporting, promoting and protecting breastfeeding as the norm for infant feeding. Janet’s devotion in advocating for women and their babies led to profound changes in breastfeeding support provided to families in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Janet advocated for her Province to initiate the first Baby-Friendly Initiative Provincial Co-ordinator role.

Marg La Salle

Marg has been a staunch BCC member for many years and has given untold numbers of hours to supporting the work of the Assessment Committee and Board of Directors. Marg’s attention to detail and skills as an editor are highly valued. Thankyou Marg.

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